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Re: Is is possible to receive a cheep SubVendorID?

HI everyone,

> So, as I pointed out earlier, there is a third
> way (besides paying the SIG membership fees or
> rolling your own ID) -- that is, register a
> device ID with the chipset or IP vendor that
> you are using to interface your add-on circuitry
> to the PCI bus.

Just for me to recap (we'll have to answer our customers on this, too)

1) The Vendor of the final product has a valid Vendor ID
The Vendor ID (VID), Device ID (DID) remain those from the company
selling the chip
The SubVID, SubDID are chosen by the oem

2) The vendor of the final product IS NOT registered to the pci sig
VID, SID are those from the chip vendor
SVID is from the chip vendor
SDID is allocated from the chip vendor to the customer

Is this correct ?

Ciao, Marco.

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