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Value Message from PCI-SIG Chairman

With PCI evolving to include higher speeds, more
efficient modes of operation, and new form factors,
the PCI-SIG is at the forefront of leading the
industry to keep PCI viable, and targeted at 21st
century products.  With 100s of millions of PCI
products sold each year, it behooves us all to keep
the standard vibrant, alive and interoperable.  

To fund SIG programs, your company pays an annual
dues, and for that dues receives several rights,
protections and benefits.  80% of your company's $3000
annual membership fee in 2001 goes into programs that
you as members see as direct, tangible benefits.  The
remaining amount funds programs that enable the PCI
standard to continue to be an industry success.

A lot of member companies are not taking full
advantage of the benefits that are made freely
available to you.  This concerns me, since we make it
our goal to provide benefits to members that exceed
your dues payment.

Benefit 1: Technical Support at techsupp@pcisig.com . 
I am happy that this ZNYX reflector exists, and it is
a good place to gather opinions, and good application
notes on specific PCI parts, but ZNYX is not your PCI
specification expert resource.  The PCI specification
experts on all PCI technologies are available to
members by using the SIG's technical support service. 
Our technical support is handled by a team led by one
of the original inventors of the PCI standard, and
they have been intimately involved with the latest PCI
developments.  Please use this service.

Benefit 2: Interoperability testing at Compliance
Workshops (Plugfests).  Products don't meet the
expectations of end-customers if companies do not take
proper steps to assure interoperability.  Our
plugfests have had acceptable levels of participation,
but I know that all PCI products do not utilize this
service.  My company has debugged a lot of
pre-production PCI hardware, and saved millions of
dollars by taking full advantage of these quality
assurance opportunities.  The customer satisfaction
and reductions in product returns yielded by
participation in these events pays for the PCI dues
many times over.  If your product is a PCI chip, then
you can bring your evaluation boards to plug into the
test environments.  Everyone wins.  PCI-X testing has
been available at several plugfests in 2000, including
the upcoming Compliance Workshop in Milpitas in

Benefit 3:  Training.  Through compliance workshops,
technical updates, the pcisig.com website,
specification publications, and participation in
conferences, the PCI-SIG sees dissemination of PCI
information to its members as a prime objective.  THE
technical experts on PCI are affiliated with the
PCI-SIG, and they have the incentive to keep you
informed.  With the new features in PCI-X to
comprehend, and PCI-X appearing in desktop systems,
everyone should be clamoring for more information on
how to implement it.  In 2001 the PCI-SIG plans to
have several PCI developer conferences, to bring the
information and teaching opportunity closer to you. 
Plus, we will release the PCI 3.0 specification and we
will be ready to detail all of what that will mean to

Benefit 4:  PCI Vendor ID.  PCI has much less value
without its standardized plug and play device driver
model.  A PCI Vendor ID helps industry standard
operating systems figure out what device driver to
load with your adapter card.  PCI-SIG assigns Vendor
IDs to members.

Benefit 5: Rights to use PCI copyrighted logos. 
Displaying your PCI compatibility should be a
marketing benefit for you.  Your use of PCI logos
means that you stand by your commitment to your
customer that your product is PCI compatible and
interoperable with other PCI devices.  

Benefit 6:  Members have early access to new
specifications, the ability to propose changes to PCI
standards, and the ability to contribute to

We believe that we provide engineering expertise,
testing, and services that provide a high ROI for the
annual dues that you spend.  If you aren't yet getting
your money's worth yet, I ask that you please use more
of our services.  Large company or small, we are here
for the long-term to help you make high quality,
interoperable PCI products.

Roger Tipley
PCI-SIG Chairman

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