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RE: Is is possible to receive a cheep SubVendorID?

This is definately the most positive, pro-active post I have yet seen on
this thread!  The concept of a low cost registration fee going to charity
just caps it off.  

As a user community, let's make this thing happen.  I see no losers in this


Keith F. Jasinski, Jr.
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Subject: RE: Is is possible to receive a cheep SubVendorID?

Dear Mr. Tipley:

I may be in an interesting position with regard to this topic.  

Brief history...
My previous company purchased membership and a Vendor ID.  
The SIG gave the same ID to another company.  
The SIG let me pick a custom number to compensate.
I picked a clever and easy to remember VID.
My company was bought by Motorola three years ago.
Membership has been kept current for "privileges" and inertia.
We may have used our old VID for two products.

If a software type would consider creating and managing a site 
to control issuing registered Sub ID's, I'll pursue permission 
from Motorola and the PCISIG (I'm not a rebel).  I'll have to be 
able to re-register the company assigned to the Vendor ID as a 
fictitious name.  Personally, I'd suggest a one-time $100 fee 
with profits going to United Way.

On the other hand, if the SIG made the same service available...

Bob Shepard (Not speaking for Motorola... yet)
Senior Staff Engineer
Motorola Computer Group