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timing question

Hi All,

I am designing a 64 bit 66 MHz PCI card. I have a
question about the PCI output timing.

We are using the TSMC 0.18 micron process (segmented
TSMC16K_Conservatative wire load model) and the IO
libraries are provided by Artisan. I am using the
bidirectional pad PCI66DGZ for my PCI IOs. For PCI
clock I am using PDIDGZ. All my outputs are registers
and the signals controlling the PADs are also
After synthesizing the core and linking the PADS I am
getting timing violations on the outputs. The timing
on the pads is as follows -
CLK->Q + PCI66DGZ = Total
0.60   + 4.50     = 5.10 ns

Since we do not use a PLL and since there is a clock
tree delay after I get the clock from the PADS, I am
adding a timing of 2.2 ns (accounting for the delays
dur to clock tree insertion). So my outputs will be
valid after a total of 7.30 ns (5.10 + 2.20) which is
clearly a violation of timing for 66 Mhz PCI.
I think the PAD delay is too much.

Can anyone share their experience of using the above
Artisan libraries ? Has anyone experienced teh above
problems ? OR What should be the maximum PAD delays
for satisfying the timing from registered outpur
signals ?

OR am I doing something wrong in my calculations ?

I appreciate your replies.

Thank you,

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