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RE: Expansion ROM not started

Rakitin Vladimir,

It sounds like there is possibly nothing wrong with
the forth device!   To verify this, you should try the
forth device all by itself - without the other devices
installed.  If it works by itself it suggest one of two

1.  The system BIOS in the PC is running out of
shadow space to put a forth expansion ROM.  When
the system BIOS cannot identify sufficient space, it
simply doesn't load the PCI expansion ROM - or run it.
The system BIOS would otherwise configure the device
giving it I/O ranges and memory assignments, and interrupt

2. The expansion ROM's could be inteacting with each 
other, and the forth loads, and then unloads because
of interactions.   (This doesn't sound like the issue to me,
but its a slim possibility.   I really think #1 above is occuring).

You can see a difference between machines because the
available shadow space varies on different machines.
It sounds like the ASUS has a large amount of shadow
space.  (Is that a Pentium 166Mhz machine, if so, its rather
old - and believe it or not, those machines tended to have
MORE shadow space than newer machines!)

The newer machines may have insufficient shadow space
to load four PCI expansion option ROM's.   When they run
out of shadow space, they just don't load the last expansion ROM

-David O'Shea

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Subject: Expansion ROM not started

Hello all!

There is a problem!
Has developed the quite good expansion card PCI.
And already fourth.
If to look in a history - first Target, second
Master/Target, third Master (burst) /Target.
At all devices was present ExpROM- BIOS of the device was
transferred and was launched.
The shallow problems of debugging were solved fast.
Work on PC of the Different manufacturers.
But the fourth device - most usual Target (similar first
only on another - modern element base) works strange.
On PC ASUS the problems are not present, whether it be old
P166 or new, there is no value.
And on PC of corporations HP, COMPAQ, SIEMENS, INTEL, others
yet I do not know, BIOS does not transferred and is not
And, the device is normally configurated and works if to
start BIOS as the program.
All functions are tested and work.
For me of suspicion that in PC of these corporations BIOS of
the system board at execution of the configuration PC, to
give my device all required functions, and mine BIOS on what
that to a reason will reject or does not rewrite.
For what reason it can take place?
Beforehand I thank for ideas and sentences.
The device for me not first and before all was OK.

My address: 
103482 Russia, 
Moscow, Zelenograd, 311- 102
Rakitin Vladimir.
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