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Re: Maximum Power for add in card more than 25W

Richard Walter wrote:
> Brad,
> I've seen AGP cards that added a disk-drive power connector so that after the card is installed in the system, it could pull power from both the gold fingers and from the drive power system.
> It would cost you some power supply circuitry to your board, but then you could draw 25W from the gold fingers and xxxW from the drive connector (where xxx is whatever the max power for a disk drive is (which I don't know, off-hand)).

Yeh, I've seen this too on co-processor boards. As a solution it
requires careful design since
you still don't want to draw more than 25W through the PCI connector.
And you have the problem
of multiple 0V (ground) paths. In such a case it may best to supply the
PCI controller
from the PCI bus and the rest of the board from the power header(s).


Anthony Moulds
Computer Science Department, University of York