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PCI Bus Performance

This may be a little off the wall, but hopefully someone out there has dealt
with this.  We are using an older single board computer with a 500MHz P3 in
the SECC2 package.  It is the controller in a test system that is used to
test  a radar signal processor on a real time basis.  The tests are run
asynchronously because we have no control inputs to the radar processor.
Driven by this requirement, we have optimized our test software (delays at
appropriate places, etc) so that we are effectively in sync.
We are now in the situation where we can't get any more of the SBCs with the
SECC3 P3 since Intel has discontinued that package and gone to the PGA 370
package.  We know that in repackaging the P3, Intel redesigned the cache RAM
interface to be more "efficient" than it was in the SECC2 package.
Here are the questions:

1.  Has anyone experienced this same situation and measured the difference
in performance in the old processor and the new with respect to impact on
through put on the PCI bus?

2.  Has anyone used a higher clock speed processor and "under clocked it"
(i.e. clock a 1GHz P3 at 500MHz) and noticed any impact on PCI bus

Thanks for any help on this,

Don Wright
Systems & Electronics Inc.