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Any PCI specs violation?

I have been designing PCI 66MHz/64-bit core. The following is a code excerpt. I want to know if the following equation violates any PCI specs:
  case MState is
       when MIdle_S =>
            -- device is not disconnected and is granted PCI bus
            -- here nFRAME can be replaced by nFrame_R
            if(MEnableMemory and nGNT = '0' and nFrame_R = '1' and nIRDY = '1') then
                 -- if requested by Master module
                 if(nReq_O = '0') then
1. This is a Master state machine first state: Master idle state;
2. nFrame_R is registered value of nFRAME, 1 clock later than nFRAME;
3. If nFrame_R above is replaced by nFRAME, there is no any problem;
4. The reason to replace nFRAME with nFrame_S is to reduce nFRAME fanout as much as possible;
Is there any possibility that the above replacement causes problem?
Thank you.
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