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RE: Delayed Read Timeout

Title: RE: Delayed Read Timeout

They test for this in the PCI compliance workshop.  I know because one of my boards failed the test when the program was aborted with a ^c.  Yet, I had never had a problem in any Intel based system. 

When the software was aborted, it would disable the DMA controller while a retry was active and the pending retry would never happen.  I had to change the design so that the hardware would wait until retry was complete before stopping. 

I would suspect that other boards could have similar problems.  Many board designs never make it to a compliance workshop and those that do may not have caught it during the brief test.  I would not have caught it if I had let the test complete, it just happened to be running fine and time was running out, so I hit ^c.

Tony Clark

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> At one point DCelayed Read Timeout was explained as the
> answer to devices that issue speculative reads but never
> come back again for the data. Are there any PCI devices
> that actually do this?
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