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RE: Sensing Interrupt Pins that is not in your trace?

> Lame's suggestion is good, but you still need to be careful about
> the backplane - the INTs from one slot are not necessarily connected
> to any of the INT pins from other slots. In the extreme case, each
> INT from each slot could be individually connected solely to an
> interrupt controller input.
Yup, I have seen a few cases of that.

However, I think the original poster doesn't need a general-purpose
solution.  He just wants to buy one PC (or a small number) that will let him
"see" all interrupts.  With Lame's suggestion, that should be easy; and if
he does come across a motherboard that keeps all the INT lines separate,
just try again with a different model.

However, even if his PCI card senses the other cards' interrupts, I am not
sure what he plans to do with it.  The motherboard will have seen it too.
What if the main CPU services and clears the interrupt before his device
finishes its job?  Just what does his PCI device plan to do with the
interrupt anyway?