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Re: PCI-X I/O pads

Hi Vikas,

I suppose the clock interstion delay of 0.5 nsec is pretty much good delay.
You cannot get less than that.
But what you should look for is a output flop in the IO cell itself.

Thats the key to meeting the PCI-X timings !!

So you io flop should have one input flop, one output flop and tri-state buffer as well as input buffer.

You can check NEC 0.18 lib on their web for PCI-X  IO  cell details.
I suppose they have these type of io cells avaiable.

Amit Shah

Ajit Madhekar wrote:

> The delay in this path is
> clock-to-Q of flop ( 0.6),> Buffer delay (0.6ns),> the PCI-X I/O pad delay ( 2.3ns ) Is it a worst case timing ? What is a typical delay of above path ? Which Library you are using ?  > and a clock insertion delay (0.5ns ). Is it insertion delay + skew ? If so, then thats pretty much good delay. Regards,Ajit