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Re: PCI interruptions between two PCI expansion boards

You can't really do that, unless you can guarantee that you can disable
that interrupt signal (which is shared with other PCI devices).  So if you
are designing your own motherboard, go right ahead.  But if you are taking
an off the shelf motherboard, then I would find another way to do what you

To do your "interrupt" you really should do a memory write to the other
device.  It is guaranteed to work across bridges, there are no hassles
with figuring out interrupt routing, and it's really the only way two
cards can talk to each other through PCI (you could do IO, but that isn't

You could also run a wire between the boards, and then you
would be able to get your interrupt across just as you have asked.

On Wed, 7 Mar 2001 michael.pellegrino@modicon.com wrote:

> Are there any possibilities to generate interruptions between two PCI expansion
> boards (for exemple a master/slave board software wanting to interrupt a slave
> board software or vice versa)  through the use of INTA# pin according to the PCI
> standard ?
> Thanks in advance.

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