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> Is it fairly safe on PMC cards to ignore BUSMODE[4..2]
> and just drive BUSMODE[1] low?
> It seems fairly common already, are there any cases
> where the host _relies_ on the cards response, e.g.
> expects the card to be fully tri-stated in the case
> of BUSMODE[4..2] != [LLH]??

Hmmm, is it fairly safe to drive on the left-hand side of the road?  It
depends on where you are driving.  Unless you can control on what hosts your
PMC card may end up being plugged on...  Ignore the specs at your AND your
customer's peril.  If you're not careful, in some cases your company may be
held responsible for damage done to the host board by your product if
specified protection mechanisms were not present or enabled.  Not to mention
intangible damages to company reputations.  
-- BrooksL

> tia,
> Ivor
> I wrote:
> >Hi,
> >Does anyone know:
> >
> >Do any PMC hosts drive BUSMODE[4..2], except hardwired to [001]
> >and
> >Do any PMC cards drive BUSMODE[1], except hardwired to 0
> >???
> >
> >Do any PMC hosts or cards ignore these signals entirely??
> >
> >Do any PMC hosts or cards actually use these signals as per 
> the CMC spec?
> >
> >tia,
> >
> >Ivor
> >
> >
> >