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Re: How do I read the IRQ Routing Table with Assembler?

Look at the code in


in the SMB_SID routine.  This program (written entirely in assembler)
reads and displays the SMBIOS data, and for Type 9 (System Slots)
records attempts to look up the slot ID in the PCI IRQ routing table
and displays that information.

Siegfried Zeh wrote:
> I try to read the IRQ Routing table from the BIOS with assembler.
> But actually I am a very beginner doing assembler coding, do u have any
> assembler sample code
> for reading the IRQ routing table entry??
> Below you can see my first attemp, but it doesnt work...so whats wrong?
> DWORD map[8];
> void main(void)
> {
>  // Interrupt Routing Tabelle lesen
>  _asm mov ax,0B10Eh
>  _asm mov bx,0000h
>  _asm push 0F000h
>  _asm pop ds
>  _asm mov di,00E80h
>  _asm es:di
>  _asm int 1Ah
>  _asm jc lesefehler         //1=error;0=success
>  _asm mov map,bx
> ....I just have no idea what's wrong with it??
> I'd aprreciate your help!
> Siggi
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