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Technology 3GIO Bus

Somebody can help me with this information


Oswaldo Hidalgo

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De: Ted Firlit [mailto:firlit@utmc.aeroflex.com]
Enviado el: Viernes, 31 de Agosto de 2001 01:18 p.m.
Para: pci-sig@znyx.com
Asunto: JTAG pins


I have just recently come across a fairly new motherboard which has the
PCI connector TMS signal pulled down to ground with a 1K resistance. 
This is crippling to my PCI card, since I use the JTAG signals for
production test of the card (and this pulldown puts my PCI interface
device into JTAG mode).  This brings me to 2 questions:

1.  Has anyone come across this problem and researched into the
magnitude of it?  Are there few or many motherboards out there which are
not compliant to the rev 2.2 spec, paragraph 4.3.3 -- requiring a pullup
on TMS and TDI?  

2.  Are most PCI expansion cards designed without using the JTAG pins of
the PCI connector, hence most cards operate fine in these non-compliant

thanks in advance for any information you can contribute...

Ted Firlit