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RE: Burst Read in slave mode

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> From: michael.pellegrino@modicon.com
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> Sent: Thursday, September 06, 2001 08:44
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> Subject: Burst Read in slave mode
> I'm currently working on a 32 bits 33 MHz PCI slave.
> This slaves uses one BAR for memory access.
> This BAR is declared as prefetchable.
> When I try to access the slave through "Driver Agent" APIs I only
> manage to do
> burst while writing but not while reading.
> How can I have burst for read access ?
> Are all the recent chipset able to do burst in read mode ?
> Is there special API to use with "Driver Agent" in order to do
> burst (I use
> MemBufferWrite and MemBufferRead) ?

You're not mentioning which OS/CPU/motherboard you're using, but you will
find a lot of good information at

This is for x86/Linux, but the principles are quite general.

PCI is not intended for large data transfers by reads. If this is your own
hardware, you should consider implementing a master device instead.

- Olaf