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Re: To the folks looking for stradle - mount PCI conntectors...

Dear all,

I still have some 11 or 12 straddle mount PCI connectors
left. In case of urgent need I can give some away. Those
connectors were purchased from Adex Electronics
(www.adexelec.com) who presumably manufactured them

Anyhow, it is of grat value, if MERITEC plans to source them

Best Regards
Gerhart Hlawatsch

Lame Brooks-G14738 schrieb:
> At a recent conference, I mentioned to Meritec (a neat connector company),
> that Burndy/FCI discontinued their stradle mount PCI line and though it is
> low volume, people still need that connector.  Meritec said they may be
> interested in producing it since they also do a lot of low volume,
> specialized stuff and do already have some special PCI connectors.  So, if
> you have need of the stradle mount PCI connector, put in your vote for it to
> James Walch at Meritec:
> James T. Walch
> Business Unit Manager
> Custom Connectors
> 440.354.3148 Ext. 252
> 440.354.0687 Fax
> jwalch@meritec.com
> Happy connections,
> -- BrooksL

SCITEL GmbH, Beusenstr. 13 A, D-48346 Ostbevern, Germany
Tel:(+49)(0)2532 9058-0, Fax: 9058-8, http://www.scitel.de