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Re: Fwd: need help writing device driver for own made PCI card

Dear JOHan Hallez,

There are two simple ways that I can recommend (in addition to using WinDK). Both require using Jungo's driver development tools:

(1) Exploit the standard OS supplied serial driver to do your job -
You have a standard serial driver in your system for COM1/COM2. This serial driver draws information about the serial ports from the registry. You can write an application that upon execution edits the registry to have the standard driver control your serial ports as well. Jungo's WinDriver toolkit includes the means to create such an application; this toolkit enables you to diagnose your hardware, and identify the required resources and utilize the information in order to edit the registry accordingly. It also includes a sample application that does exactly what you are looking for (it was originally written for PLX9050 bridges - but can be used as a reference for other devices). You can download an evaluation version of the toolkit (WinDriver 5.03) at: http://www.jungo.com/dnload.html.

(2) Develop your own version of the serial driver -
Another toolkit from Jungo enables you to develop a serial port driver from scratch. This toolkit is called KernelDriver and it includes a full working sample serial driver which you can modify and use according to your needs.

I recommend the first option. It is much more easy and elegant solution.

Best Regards,
Roy Tannenbaum.
Product Manager
Jungo Ltd.
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Dear PCI-sig members,

We have recently developped a PCI card with 4 serial ports. (besides some
other stuff)

I have develloped an Win32 based program (with the aid of an add-in : WinRT,
with that package we can adress directly our PCI card, without having to
worry about all the kernel-mode restrictions of Windows NT).
The program works great, so our hardware is working properly.

What we want to do now is accessing our serial ports as if it were COM ports
(then we can use our PCI card with eg the terminal program of winnt).
Basically we need to write a Winnt device driver

I recently purchased WinDK development toolkit (for developing device
drivers), but I must admit it is even with that package harder than I

Is there anyone who is willing to help us writing this device driver
(preferably with the WinDK development toolkit).

Off course we are willing to pay every effort you do on this job, and give
our full cooporation

Many thanks in advance,

JOHan Hallez
System Engineer
Sycron NV / Belgium
Tel : +32 50 833 333
Fax : +32 50 833 399
email : johanhz@sycron-it.com

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