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Re: Resolving ISA card IRQ interference with PCI INTA# to IRQ assignment

Usually your BIOS has settings for which IRQ lines the PCI interrupts will
be routed to.  You need to manually figure out which interrupts are being
used by the ISA cards, and tell the BIOS to not allocate the PCI
interrupts to those IRQ lines.

On Wed, 17 Oct 2001, Mike Jadon wrote:

> >We have a 64-bit/33MHz PCI card which uses INTA# and has no ROM BIOS
> >extension (even though space has been provided for it) which prevents a PC
> >from booting if it installed in a particular PCI slot, and an ISA is
> >installed in a corresponding ISA slot. If either of these cards are moved
> >to different slots on their respective busses the system will boot.
> >
> >The theory is that the PCI card is getting assigned the same IRQ as the
> >ISA card. Does anyone know of a BIOS mechanism which we could use in a ROM
> >BIOS extension to ensure there are no IRQ conflicts between the ISA
> >card(s) and our PCI card?
> >
> >Mike Jadon
> >
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