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Yes; PCIXCAP is defined in the PCI-X spec and must be included on a PCI-X
PMC implementation.  The PMC spec was well written with a map table showing
what PMC reserved pins correspond to PCI reserved pins; so, as new PCI pins
are defined, the PMC spec does not have to be rolled.  However, PCIXCAP uses
a pin which was previously defined as GND.  There is no table in P1386.1
that shows the correspondence of defined pins that have the same name.
However, PCIXCAP is pin 38B in PCI and personally, I think that most closely
correlates to Pn1/Jn1 39 in P1386.1.  Also, I only have the P1386.1 Jan 12,
2001 draft 2.4; with any luck, PCIXCAP is indicated in the released version.
If it's not and you're in a hurry, I recommend taking a survey on this list
and the PICMG lists and see if you can get a quorum to agree to use Pn1/Jn1
39 if no other GND pin is already being used, then you can move fwd while
you petition IEEE to roll P1386.1.
-- BrooksL

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> Subject: PCI-X on PMC
> Everyone,
> At one time I heard mention of putting PCI-X on PMC.  Does 
> anyone know if
> that will use a "PCIXCAP" signal like CompactPCI?  If so, 
> what connector/pin
> will it be on?
> Paul