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Re: low profile PCI spec


It looks like neither to me.   Mini-Pci is a notebook form factor
and the max length of a Small Pci card is about 3.3 inches.

Dell's spec says "low profile" and gives 2.5"x6.6" as the dimensions;
I think that's within the mechanical spec of PCI.

Looks like it's just regular old PCI and "low profile" is Dell's terminology.

Don't know about the bracket, sorry.

        Joe Schulingkamp

Daniel DeConinck wrote:

> Hello, The PCISIG web page details a 'mini PCI' spec and a 'small PCI 1.5s'
> spec. Dell sells a system which uses low profile PCI
> http://www.dell.com/us/en/bsd/products/model_optix_3_optix_gx150.htm Well,
> the word 'low profile' does not tell me which of the two small PCI specs
> this is. Dell sales people do not know. The tech support is only for
> customers.
>   Also where can I buy a bracket for this low profile spec ? Dan