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Re: ECC failure


  it is likely to be a parity problem on the PCI bus.  Most older
motherboards disabled partity on the PCI bus.  You should try probing the
PERR# and SERR# signals on the PCI bus (they shouldn't ever go active).
  You could also check the configuration space when plugged into the older
machine.  I would expect that PERR and SERR are disabled.

-- Neal

On Mon, 12 Nov 2001 To_Tomai@nitta.co.jp wrote:

> Dear experts,
> We have very serious problems when we try to use our PCI board with a DELL PC.
> 1. An ECC failure occurs when booting up.
> 2. The driver for Linux does not work.
> 3. The PC automatically turns off after a few seconds from booting up.
> What I do not understand is that the same board and driver work fine with the other PC.
> How do you think of this. We need your help.
> Thanks in advance,
> Toru Tomai
> e-mail:To_tomai@nitta.co.jp

-- Neal Palmer

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