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64-bit PCI motherboard wanted

In my application (image processing) I need a higher bandwidth (approx.
180-200 MByte/sec) than what's provided on standard 32-bit motherboards.
So I am looking for a 64-bit motherboard (33 MHz is ok) with an AGP slot
or with in-build VGA graphics. Unfortunately I couldn't find a motherboard
which has both 64-bit and AGP.

Alternatively I could work with a 64-bit motherboard without AGP or VGA
but then I need a 64-bit PCI graphics card.  But I haven't found that 

So I'm wondering if anybody knows about suitable motherboards or VGA cards
which would do the job? 

Best Regards,

Manfred Kuhland
Director - Electronic Engineering
Atlantek Microsystems Pty Ltd
Innovation House, Technology Park,
Mawson Lakes, SA, 5095, AUSTRALIA

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