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Re: PCI drivers

Hello Din,

You might want to check Jungo's driver development toolkit, WinDriver [http://www.jungo.com/windriver.html].

This driver development toolkit simplifies and automates the development of device drivers for all major operating systems. No DDK knowledge needed. The code developed will run under all supported operating systems without the need to modify it. WinDriver also includes a graphical environment with which you can test, diagnose and debug your hardware before writing a single line of driver code.

Good luck!

Best Regards,
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At 06:24 26/11/2001, dinesh@cosystems.com wrote:
Hi PCI Experts,

I had designed a 32 bit universal PCI add on card for PC. I would like to write some test programs for the same. But Im not very clear about writing  PCI drivers for Windows(95/98), the devices to be configured inside PC ....etc. Can any body suggest material/ web site/&etc which will help me to start with the PCI drivers

thanks for Ur time

Warm regards