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how to enable expansion rom in foxfire II test card

Dear there,

I bought a foxfire II card for BIOS test. The card works well with no expansion rom tests, but I cannot enable expansion rom decode for my expansion rom test. The steps I used to set the expansion rom enable bit is:

for each function
   1. reset card, and then write 0x80 to mater control register to enable mode3 ( BIOS mode)
   2. write 0x02 to command register at 0x04 to enable the memory space control bit
   3. write 0xffffffff to 0x154 ( the mask of 0x54 ).
   4. write 0xffffffff to 0x54
   5. write 0xffffffff to 0x130 ( the mask of 0x30 )
   6. write 0xffffc001 to 0x30 so that the option rom enable bit should be set to 1.

But it appears to me that the low 16 bits of dword at 0x30 cannot be written. Do I miss anything in enabling the PCI expansion rom? Or I use the wrong mode? If not, how can I enable this bit? Thank you all for your help.

   Thanks gain,