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Backwards compatibilty of PCI-X?


I have a question on the backwards compatibilty of PCI-X.

I'd like to determine if there will be any problems running a PCI 2.1
compliant, universal slotted, 32-bit 33MHz, bus master board in a PCI-X
I'm aware that any other devices on the bus will be restricted to using
the 33MHz clock and conventional PCI protocol.

One of my concerns: In the PCI-X spec, it states that devices are
permitted to
support a 32-bit interface, but it also states that all devices that
initiate memory transactions must be capable of generating 64-bit
Is that only a requirement for new PCI-X compliant designs, or is that
also a requirement of any legacy PCI boards plugged in? (Can you only
plug in 64-bit conventional PCI boards?)