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Re: PCI lifetime

> In several discussions with hard- and softwaremanufacturers
> I heard the opinion that the PCI bus will not survive the
> next two years in end user PCs. The only bus system that
> will survive is the USB and Firewire serial bus. Is there
> any more information available other than mere opinion? Does
> a road map exist for desktop PC designs?

I attended the most recent IDF (fall '01) and did not hear a single comment
in this direction.  This means that Intel, at least, was not pushing in this
direction as of a few months ago.

Let's take a practical view.  If I'm an OEM configuring a desktop PC to
sell, where am I going to put the modem?  On USB or FireWire?  I don't think
so - it is an external appendage that would be inconvenient.  ISA is already
gone, so the only choice is PCI.

The idea of sealed box PCs with only external expansion has been around for
many years.  It has not happened yet, and probably will not.

Monish Shah
Indra Networks

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