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question about PCI interrupts on a Compact PCI system

Hi everybody,

  I'm working on a PCI bridge driver for CPCI boards. The CPCI system is

composed of one system board and several IO boards. When I reset or
insert a IO board, I configure it's bridge from the system board. The
interrupt pin is always INTA. I assign a IRQ number that I know
connected to INTA (I assign the same IRQ number of other IO boards).

Sometimes it fails : interrupts generated from the IO board seem to be
not fired on the system board.

This is my question : actually I do nothing with the IRQ routing table.
Do I have to set anything in this table ? Is there a entry to each
device or is the table more generic ?

Thank you and sorry for the english mistakes I don't see.

Best Regards
Mathieu Berland