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RE: Multiplatform & UDI

I would like to tell you a technique that can be used to read
multi-platform ROM if you are a board original designer.

1. PCI board Configuration ROM address is at 0x30 in Configuration
Space. It contains the system memory address that cover all ROM space.
Any software reading operation addressed to the space will get the ROM
address. It doesn't involve any driver's job.

2. Setting up a new PLATFORM register in your board register area that
may be another small memory space defined by BARx area in PCI board
configuration space; 

3. When reading ROM operation starts, the board provides ROM contents
for different platform based on the PLATFORM register value that should
be initialized by your board driver to set platform type. Where and when
to set up the PLATFORM register is a question to driver writer and
varies from platform to platform.

4. So every platform will get its unique ROM without any confusion after
the PLATFORM register is correctly set. 


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Subject: Multiplatform & UDI

I want to ask about multi platform capability of 
PCI cards (multi CPU type):

1. Is there any PCI specification for cards with 
multi platform capability? 
(ie: a single PCI that card can be used on PC, PowerPC, Alpha etc)

2. If there is a BIOS software on Read Only Memory 
/ ROM chip on the card, is it possible to put
multi platform software on the ROM? 

3. What is the relation between UDI project and 
PCI-SIG? Can UDI support multi platform capability 
on PCI bus?  


4. Is there any software that make it easier to write
multi platform / multi CPU BIOS for a PCI card?

5. Is there any "Platform specific" PCI card that
cann't be used on system with non X86 CPU?

6. There are several PowerPC based motherboards such
as APPLE, BEBOX, AMIGA ONE, PEGASOS etc. Is there any
guarantee that PCI card for one PowerPC board will
be compatible with other PowerPC board?

Thank you.

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