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RE: cPCI system card specs


The CompactPCI system controller card typically provides CompactPCI bus
arbitration for 8 cards (itself and 7 peripherals).  You could design a
system controller that would provide arbitration for 21 cards.  It and the
backplane necessary to support it would be custom.   The loading on the
CompactPCI bus would probably limit the bus speed to around 20MHz.


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> Subject: cPCI system card specs
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>  Subject: cPCI system card specs
> Hi experts,
> PCI bus arbitration capability is expected from the cPCI host 
> card in a cPCI chassis ? If yes, will it be able to do the 
> bus arbitration for all the 21 loads connected ?
> Can any one help me to locate cPCI host card specifications in web.
> Regards
> Din