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Re: New PCI card developing


PLX devices can be purchased from Yahoo store. On the web page on every PLX 
product there is a link to relevant Yahoo store page. For example for the 
PLX PCI 9056 look here:
and here:


 >>> "Sergey Platovskikh" <sergey.platovskikh@vissim.no> 04/25/02 06:35PM >>>

We have been using AMCC S5935 for a long time, but it is PCI2.1 compatible
only, so we expecting some problems (and we have already met) in the newest
motherboards. Considering this we decided to find a new PCI controller or
take a PCI core from Altera/PLDA/etc.
The controller will be connected to Altera APEX chip. Required data rate is
about 40Mb/s.
I have checked PLX, Tundra, Galileo, Intel - all of them seems too
complicated and require complex logic in the Altera chip. PLX9056 seems
good, but still too complicated (and I haven't foud where to buy it).
I would really appreciate any advice. May be some other manufacturers are
producing PCI controllers?
May be somebody has a successful experience of implementing of PCI cores?
Can they be used "as is" or two years of investigation will be necessary?

Kind regards

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