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PCI Card causing PC to Hang


At Renishaw I've been working on a PCI card, which we've found causes
certain PCs to hang as the BIOS is running, just before the operating system
gets called. I've exhausted the tests I can think of and I've tested our
card with the Foxfire 2 card from PCI-SIG and everything appears to be okay.

Our card is I/O mapped with three 256 byte BAR spaces. The Foxfire card
tests running without our card in the PC indicate that there are no other
I/O mapped PCI devices on the bus which should cause any conflict of I/O

This only happens on certain PC's. We have one PC here which the card causes
to hang and the Foxfire card tests show that this PC runs "Configuration
Mechanism #2". The foxfire card tests show that the good PC, which our card
does work with, is running "Configuration Mechanism #1". 

Could somebody explain what the difference between these two mechanisms is,
or suggest where I could find this information out from?

Any other suggestions as to potential causes of our problem would also be

Many thanks

Alex Huntley

Design Engineer
Renishaw plc
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United Kingdom

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