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Re: PCI Card causing PC to Hang

Just as a note, I verified there is a way to hang a PC without violating 
the protocol.

If your board for some reason is not yet ready to be configured, it is 
legal that whenever it receives configuration accesses it retries the 
host. As far as I remember there is no upper limit to how long you can 
do that.

The BIOS sees retries on the slot, so it understands that the slot is 
populated and keeps trying to understand what device it is.

Just a note.
Ciao, Marco.

kevinbraceusenet@hotmail.com wrote:
> Have you used a logic analyzer to see what is going on the PCI bus?
> If the card you are talking about is freezing up the computer, that probably 
> means that the card is claiming the transaction by asserting DEVSEL#, but is 
> not asserting TRDY# to end the transfer.


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