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RE: Conventional PCI mechanical specification

Hi Bruce

Looking at the spec (V2.2) it seems that 106.68 mm is the maximum height of
the card measured from the bottom edge of the connector to the top of the

The card's mechanical dimensions are in section 5.2 of the PCI spec (page
155 onwards in V2.2 of the spec).

Hope this helps

Alex Huntley

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Subject: Conventional PCI mechanical specification

I have a problem where I have two vendors claiming their product is to the
PCI specification, and I would like to know what the specification actually
is regarding this particular point.

The issue is with the PCI card height. The card is a conventional PCI card,
and the specification states (I believe) that the maximum height of the
adapter card should be no more than 106.807mm. Is this maximum height
measured from the bottom of the edge connector to the top of the card, ie
the PCB's maximum height. Or is it measured from the top of the edge
connector to the top of the card, ie the height of the card above the socket
when it is inserted in a computer.

Any response regarding this would be appreciated.


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