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Re: PCI Interrupts

I don't know if other systems use it, but x86 PC systems have a Programmable 
Interrupt Controller that responds to IACK cycles with a 8-bit Vector to 
identify the code to execute for the active interrupt. PCI doesn't specify a 
required relationship between interrupt lines and Vectors, that's left to 
the system designer. In a PC we do what the IBM PC would have done, or more 
specifically, what the 8037 (?) does.

Paul Capes wrote:

> Hi all.
> In Rev. 2.2 of the PCI spec, Figure 3-19 shows an Interrupt Acknowledge
> Cycle with something labelled 'VECTOR" driven on the AD bus. The is no
> other information I can find as to what this is or how it is supposed to
> work. I'm familiar with vectored interrupts from the Mot 68K
> architecture, but was of the impression that there was no vectoring in
> PCI. Is this supported by anyone and if so, how is it implemented?
> Thanks.
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