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HI PCI expert

Hello ,

  I am from India and working on pci I have some problem
during woring on it .PLease can you help me.
1.I configure base register that is location 0010
and 0014.
   when i insert card in PC it si detected but it its adrees
get conflict how I adjust the starting adress forn it .
currently the system shows me  00000000-00000fff in device 
(os  win98). which is equivalant to memory size which I demand.
  Each time I got the starting adress same  only change in last 
00000000-0000ffff same is also with I/o adressing
  How I congigure the confuguration register Can you give sample 
code for it.
and how transaction occur that means I have to send  first the 
size of
memory and in second transaction i should send the starting 

PLz can you guide me .

Wating for your kind Guidance .

regs ,Avinash