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Re: WHQL test

You can write them from the BIOS,
I have done it. There should be some write once
locking mechanism but I don't know if there is or not.

Why would anyone wanting to write a virus bother
with SSID?.
Presuming they would even know what they


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Subject: RE: WHQL test

I suspect most developers will find it strange that you can write to the
Sysystem ID field from the BIOS.

If this is possible, what's to stop malicious behaviour by spoofing the card
as someone else's to run a fake driver or disabling someone's hardware with
a virus?

In the card I helped develop, these fields are pulled in on reset from an
EEPROM, and a similar mechanism exists for FPGAs.


Andrew Ircha

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Subject: WHQL test

Hello all,
We're getting the following results in the WHQL NDIS/PCI test (TD-4.50 PCI
Compliance Test). It says there are three PCI 2.2 non- compliances. ( None
of them are listed as  an “acceptable failure” by the WHQL’s ERRDATA list) .

 “4.51.5 The Subsystem Vendor ID field must be ready”

 “4.51.6 The Subsystem ID field must be read only”

 “4.52.2 The Interrupt pin field must be read only”.

I'm using the Galileo GT64111 and plannig to upgrade to the GT64115. My
question is: how am I supposed to make these fields in the configuration
space read-only after I write to them in my BIOS bootup? I expect that many
people have encountered this problem and worked around it, Am I right?

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