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Re: What's your bus?


A common feature of the ones you mention is that they are not buses,
they use switch fabric.

So does SpaceWire, a derivative from IEEE 1355, that is simpler and more
flexible than any of those you mention. It was way ahead of its time,
but the plethora of new standards, all of which follow it and all of
which are more complicated, just show that its time will come.

You can reach most of the information about SpaceWire and IEEE 1355 from
our web site:

Best regards

Paul Walker

In message <OF142CD769.C7EBA262-ON88256C94.000425FB-
88256C94.00046007@znyx.com>, Alan Deikman <Alan.Deikman@znyx.com> writes
>I'd like to hear back from anyone with an opinion on this.  What do you
>think of as the ultimate bus after PCI and why?
>1. Hypertransport
>2. RapidIO
>3. Star Fabric
>4. PCI Experss
>5. Infiniband
>Any others that will be players?  I get asked this sort of question all the
>time and I need some new material. :)
>Alan Deikman
>ZNYX Networks, Inc.

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