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Re: Slot number in Desk-top - huh?

It sounds like the disagreement arises from people answering the
question under different assumptions:

Can I reliably determine which physical slots Card Y1 and Card Y2 are
plugged into, if they are identical cards, under the following

1) I'm looking at the back panel of generic Brand X computer, with no
knowledge of the mobo or BIOS, and no other information beyond what is
strictly defined by the PCI spec;


2) I know the layout of the mobo/backplane, and/or the BIOS makes
specific information available to the OS.

The original poster didn't make it clear which situation (s)he was in,
but the group's answers seem to indicate that:

1) For situation 1, it appears there is no reliable way

2) For situation 2, it depends on the mobo, BIOS, and/or the OS, but it
is quite possible. For example, we built CompactPCI systems, populated
with up to 4 logically identical cards, and we can differentiate among
them based on slot number. But we specify the backplane and CPU, too, so
we know what dev ID maps to what physical slot.

My non-technical $0.02 only.