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RE: universal pci card into a pci-x slot

Dang it, I was looking for a tolerance specification in there.  In my
haste, I didn't find it.  Thanks for the correction!


> Andy & Victor,
> I think that the System Board Specification (PCI 2.3 section 4.3)
> gives the
> requirements of the power rails, independant of the signaling levels.
> Section says "all PCI connectors require four power rails:
> +5V,
> +3.3V, +12V and -12V" and gives table 4-10 which lists the tolerances
> of the
> 3.3V and 5V power rails as 3.3V +- 0.3V and 5V +- 5%. 
> PCI-X 1.0b says "Device and add-in card power supply voltages and
> tolerances
> and add-in card load limits are the same as for conventional PCI
> devices and
> add-in cards. ". For PCI-X 2.0 it is in section 2.5.1 of the
> Electrical and
> Mechanical Addendum.
> Regards,
> Tony Clark