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RE: About the situation with http://www.yourvote.com/pci/

I agree completely.  Well said.

And thanks for the reply, David.  Good luck with your requests.

Jim's web page was a huge service to SIG members and non-members.


On Thu, 16 Jan 2003, O'Shea, David J wrote:

| Well, not that I have any great influence on the actions of
| the PCI-SIG, but I do work for one of the member companies.
| Frankly, I've told them their idiots and morons, and I'd like
| to hear a response about what their possible motivations were
| for sending in the lawyers instead of just asking Jim to stop
| using the "Logo".  The "Logo" is copyrighted, and a registered trademark.
| [And something the SIG tries to enforce those rights on in order
| to force membership in the SIG.  Membership provides for use of
| the Logo, its one of the "benefits".]
| The lawyers and the SIG's assertion to ownership over
| the letters "PCI" is absurd.  They have no more right over that than
| any other three letters.  Pissbrained Completely Imbecililic.
| This is such a blunder on the public relations front that I really
| have half a mind to ask the board of directors to fire the executive
| director.  Either the board itself, or the executive director must have
| approved legal action on behalf of the PCI-SIG.  I've left messages
| with Intel's SIG representative.  I don't really understand the approach
| that was taken.  I honestly think loss of this service is actually a
| pretty big deal.
| Either the board collectively, or Mr. Richard Baek acting as executive
| director had to approve this action, at least in part, and I expect them
| to answer for their decisions.
| The fact that they failed to communicate more informally, (to at least
| figure out that the PCI-SIG itself was the weak end of the stick here),
| and instead sent in the cease and desist guns (without having an equivalent
| service of their own anyway) is really inexcusable.
| Frankly, I'm quite angry.  (Not likely as angry as Mr. Boemler is, but
| they weren't my testicles they were pulling on.)
| I've sent a nasty gram letter to the Board of Directors via the PCI-SIG
| membership page.
| I expect to get an answer.  Frankly, this is so bad, if I don't get one,
| I will travel to the next SIG meeting and bring it up on the floor.
| -David O'Shea
| Intel Corp., PCI-SIG member.
| david.j.oshea@intel.com
| -----Original Message-----
| From: Alan Deikman [mailto:Alan.Deikman@znyx.com]
| Sent: Thursday, January 16, 2003 1:20 PM
| To: pci-sig@znyx.com
| Cc: boemler@vnet.ibm.com
| Subject: About the situation with http://www.yourvote.com/pci/
| To pci-sig list members and other individuals in the blind-cc to this
| message.
| I am receiving quite a few e-mails about the situation with Jim Boemler's
| web site, which he has felt compelled to take down. I wasn't aware of this
| situation until the first of these e-mails arrived, and having looked into
| it I think the situation is as outrageous as obviously many of you do.
| However, you should all be aware that neither I personally, or my company
| ZNYX Networks has anything to do with this situation.  ZNYX Networks is not
| currently a member of the PCI SIG. We allowed our membership to lapse a
| number of years ago since it was obvious we were not going to be active in
| any standards setting efforts.  As for me or any employee of ZNYX Networks,
| we are not now or ever have been an official of the SIG.  If you read Mr.
| Boemler's web page more carefully, you will note that he does not list me
| as anything other than a possible contact, since he mentions he is not
| clear who should be contacted, other than the "shark" that is doing the
| legal work.
| We have e-mailed Mr. Boemler (and cc'ed this message) to clarify our
| position, and I will offer any aid I can.
| To clarify our position, we run the pci-sig mailing list as a general
| service to the community as a whole the same way Jim Boemler does (did) his
| web site.  Back in 1992-3 when we first started, there were much fewer
| people around who could set up a mailing list so we did it.  As with Mr.
| Boemler, we don't get paid for it, and we have offered to turn the work
| over to the SIG since we felt that it is more properly a SIG service, but
| so far there has been no positive reply. Now I am wondering if I am going
| to get a present in the mail like Jim did!   (I really don't think that
| will be the case, since we don't do a web page, but the parallel is
| evident.)
| To any REAL PCI-SIG officials: would you care to post a comment?
| Alan Deikman
| ZNYX Networks, Inc.