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Issue with using the letters "PCI"???

According to the letter that PCI-SIG sent out, they CLAIM that EVEN the use
of "PCI" is a violation:

"so that we can prepare the necessary written assurances that you will
discontinue all use of the name PCI..."

That's what the lawyers letter says!!!

The can ask that those not authorized not use the trademarked logos etc.,
but use of the letters "PCI" I don't believe they have any legal authority
to demand that.  If I designed a PCI card, and said so on my resume, I don't
see how they can prohibit me from doing that, legally.

I believe I should write to this lawyer and ask for clarification.

Anyone manage to find any PCI-SIG contact information to someone who can
speak with authority on this issue?

Frankly, I'm stunned this is even a topic of discussion!  It's really