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Thanks, Mike, for posting the url for Jim's site for quick

I would like to join those voicing their frustrated objections to this
whole miserable mess.  This country is going to hell in a hand basket
due to the stupid decisions made by the few who have the power to
wreak such havoc on the little guy.  I am so sick of the legal
bull**** that is going on in this country, and I can really empathize
with Jim.  I do, however, think that his closing comment on the site:

"PS: the reader should understand that my venom is reserved for the
PCI-SIG; the "shark" is just doing what he's paid to do."

might be a little off.  It is those "sharks" that are proliferating
this garbage.  If half of those lawyers had the brains to scrutinize
what it was they were being asked to do for its merits, we wouldn't
have these issues.  But in the end, its all about the money... and the
power trip, not ethics.  You probably couldn't find a lawyer who would
not jump at the opportunity to "muscle in" on a little guy like Jim
(no derogatory implication).  They were probably drooling to get in
his face with these demands.

I cannot believe we are living in a world that permits such corporate
imbeciles to rule the place.  Its guys like this that put the
companies (and the economy) in the tank - I've had enough of the Enron
stories.  It has a tendency to squelch the open inventiveness that
sparks the development of products that sell - and pay their
outrageous salaries.  Wake up America!

My sincerest apologies to Jim... may you be 100x more successful in a
technology that puts "XXX" out of business!  Oh, and by the way - I
find it amazing that it took 6 or 7 years for this to happen.  After
all, this technology is not immortal and its lifetime as a viable
technology (in the huge PC market, anyway) is waning.

OK - my rant is over, too.


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I am sorry and embarrassed and more than a little angry.  I am a
member and I'll try tomorrow to figure out who did this.  I WILL get
replaced. I cannot imagine what PCI-SIG was thinking with this
action.  Completely inexplicable.


Mike Dini