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About Us

Who makes up the PCI-SIG Board of Directors?

The PCI-SIG Board of Directors is comprised of premier industry leaders. View Board of Directors.

What companies are members of the PCI-SIG?

Representing one of the most successful standards in the computing industry, the PCI-SIG boasts a wide range of members. View Membership Roster.

What is PCI?

Peripheral component interconnect (PCI) delivers I/O functionality for computers ranging from servers to workstations, PCs, laptop PCs and mobile devices. PCI is also a standard, relying on a high-performance I/O interconnect to transfer data between a CPU and its peripherals. The PCI standard is defined for chip-level interconnects, adapter cards and device drivers. Its success as a standard is a result of its cost-effectiveness, backward compatibility, scalability and forward-thinking design.

What is the PCI-SIG?

Formed in 1992, the PCI-SIG is the industry organization chartered to develop and manage the PCI standard. With nearly 800 members, the PCI-SIG effectively places ownership and management of the PCI specifications in the hands of the developer community. A Board of Directors comprised of nine people, each elected by the membership, leads the PCI-SIG.

The PCI-SIG is chartered to:

  • Maintain the forward compatibility of all PCI revisions or addenda
  • Contribute to both the establishment of PCI as an industry-wide standard and to the technical longevity of the PCI architecture
  • Maintain the PCI specification as a simple, easy-to-implement, stable technology that supports the spirit of its design

The PCI-SIG fulfills its charter by continuing to promote innovation and evolve the PCI standard to meet the industry's needs. Through interoperability testing, technical support, seminars and industry events, the PCI-SIG enables its members to generate competitive and quality products.