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Renew PCI-SIG Membership

PCI-SIG members must renew their membership annually.

How to Renew:

  • Download Renewal Membership Forms
  • Print and fill out renewal forms completely
  • Return forms along with annual fee of $4,000 (USD)

PCI-SIG (Peripheral Component Interconnect Special Interest Group) is open to anyone. Membership gives you the opportunity to contribute to the advancement of the PCI standard and gain access to a variety of services that will help your company get to market quickly with PCI-compliant devices.

How to Join:

  • Download New Member Forms
  • Print and fill out completely
  • Return forms along with annual fee of $4,000 (USD)

Member Benefits:

Take advantage of the PCI-SIG's many membership benefits.

  • Leverage PCI-SIG public relations services including media relations, event and press release support
  • Automatically receive the latest updates to PCI specifications
  • Participate in specification revisions and addendum proposals
  • Receive Vendor ID assignments
  • Gain access to interoperability testing at Compliance Workshops
  • Participate in PCI-SIG activities, such as technical updates, developer's conferences and industry tradeshows
  • Receive PCI technical support
  • Exercise the right to vote and determine the Board of Directors
  • PCI support documentation and materials

For more information, view the current bylaws of the PCI-SIG.

If you have questions about membership with the PCI-SIG, please contact administration@pcisig.com.