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PCI-SIG Announces Publication of PCI Express Integrators List

Initial Wave of PCI Express 1.0a Products Pass Compliance Tests

Portland, Ore, August 23, 2004 — The PCI-SIG®, the Special Interest Group responsible for PCI Express™, PCI-X®, and Conventional PCI industry-standard I/O technologies, announced today the publication of the latest update to the PCI-SIG Integrators List to include products based on the PCI Express 1.0a specifications. The PCI-SIG maintains an Integrators List for all components (silicon, add-in cards, and systems) from its member companies that meet its criteria for compliance to PCI specifications and demonstrate interoperability in multiple platforms and form factors.

The list, which features products that have passed a suite of compliance tests, provides members a helpful tool in selecting compliant components. PCI Express 1.0a technology, the next generation I/O architecture, began shipping in volume on computing and communications platforms earlier this summer. More than eight systems and 22 add-in cards from several member companies successfully passed the PCI Express 1.0a tests at the June 2004 compliance workshop in Milpitas, Calif., and were placed on the initial PCI Express Integrators List. This list will continue to grow as more products pass the PCI Express compliance program. The list is currently published online at

"The PCI-SIG continues to enhance a valuable benefit for its members by providing a comprehensive compliance program," said Tony Pierce, PCI-SIG Chairman. "Our members will continue to derive economic and technical value by leveraging the benefits of our world-class compliance and interoperability programs in delivering high-quality and timely products."

"With the initial publication of the PCI Express Integrators List our year-long effort to enable compliant and interoperable products from our members has finally come full circle," said Ramin Neshati, Chairman of the PCI-SIG Serial Technology Communications Working Group, responsible for the worldwide technical enabling and evangelizing of PCI Express architecture. "The PCI Express Integrators List will continue to grow as subsequent waves of products from other members pass through our robust compliance program with flying colors."

The PCI-SIG compliance program consists of several key steps. First, member companies must demonstrate that their products are interoperable with products from other members. Next, members must demonstrate that their products pass the 'Gold' suite of compliance tests—a suite of tests administered by the PCI-SIG. Finally, members must submit a written compliance checklist that verifies the member's self-certification of the product against the required features of the relevant specifications. In order to achieve success at its regularly held compliance workshops, PCI-SIG enables its members with a host of hardware test fixtures, test software, test procedures, compliance checklists and regular, in-depth technical education on the latest PCI-SIG technologies, measurement tools and techniques.

Future Compliance Workshops
PCI-SIG will hold additional compliance workshops in September 2004 in Milpitas, Calif., October 2004 in Taipei, Taiwan, and December 2004 in Milpitas. In 2005, PCI-SIG plans to hold additional US and overseas compliance workshops to meet the needs of its members. For more information on the PCI-SIG compliance program, visit

Benefits of PCI-SIG Membership
PCI-SIG members can participate in the review of all PCI specifications before they are released to the industry. If you are interested in becoming a member, please visit the PCI-SIG Web site at PCI-SIG members develop and maintain PCI Express specifications and are actively involved in defining compliance criteria and checklists, as well as other technical enabling collateral.

As an additional and extremely valuable benefit of PCI-SIG membership, members are given the right to receive patent licenses from any other member of our organization with necessary claims of patent embodied within our specifications. These licenses may be limited in scope to an implementation of a particular specification, but must be granted to all members on reasonable and non-discriminatory terms. The proper use of the PCI Express trademark and logo by members in product promotion is described in the PCI-SIG logo usage guidelines available at

About the PCI-SIG

The PCI-SIG is the Special Interest Group that owns and manages PCI specifications as open industry standards. The organization defines and implements new industry standard I/O (Input/Output) specifications as the industry's local I/O needs evolve. The PCI Special Interest Group was formed in 1992, and the organization became a nonprofit corporation, officially named "PCI-SIG" in the year 2000. Currently, more than 860 industry-leading companies are active PCI-SIG members worldwide. The PCI-SIG's current directors are employed by the following PCI-SIG member companies: AMD, Broadcom, HP, IBM, Intel, LSI Logic, Microsoft, Phoenix Technologies, and Texas Instruments. For more information about the PCI-SIG, and PCI-SIG membership benefits, contact the PCI-SIG by phone, at (503) 291-2569 (within the United States), or by fax at (503) 297-1090, or visit the PCI-SIG web site at


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