Mini PCI

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The Mini PCI specification defines an alternate implementation for small form factor PCI cards referred to in this specification as a Mini PCI card. This specification uses a qualified subset of the same signal protocol, electrical definitions, and configuration definitions as the Conventional PCI Specification. Where this specification does not explicitly define PCI characteristics, the Conventional PCI specification governs.

If you have additional questions about Mini PCI, please see the FAQ in our Newsroom. All specifications are available for download by members. Non-members have the ability to obtain specifications by purchasing them.

The primary differences between a standard PCI expansion card and a Mini PCI card are:

  • The form factor of the card and card-system interconnection, that is, the smaller physical size of the Mini PCI card and the connectors it uses
  • The use of standard sideband signals for audio and communications
  • Support of the CLKRUN# signal defined in the PCI Mobile Design Guide
  • No support for optional JTAG signals, nor for the 64-bit PCI extension defined in Conventional PCI

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