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PCI Express

PCI Express®: Performance Scalability for the Next Decade


PCI Express
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PCI Express Specifications

PCI-SIG Members are entitled to review draft specifications and participate in the ECR/ECN process. PCI-SIG members may also download PCI Express specifications for free (see adjacent table), or purchase paper copies of PCI Express specifications at a lower cost.

Non-members who are interested in reviewing copies of the PCI Express specifications may submit a specification order form.

PCI Express 3.1 ECNs

Protocol & Software

PCI Express 3.0 ECNs

Protocol & Software

Test Specifications

PCI Express 3.0 Test Specifications

PCI Express 2.x ECNs

Protocol & Software


PCI Express 2.0 Test Specifications


View the PCI Express 1.0a Specification and ECN archive